I am so excited that you are here. come check out my portfolio

Welcome to my  ePortfolio! I am a Television and Radio Major with a minor in Media Production and I expect to graduate in the spring of 2016. 


I am an aspiring Sports Broadcaster and I enjoy all things related to sports. I love all sports, weather it be football, basketball, baseball, soccer or even tennis. Nothing makes my day more enjoyable than seeing guys like Tom Brady throw a 60 yard touchdown pass, or Ray Lewis  make a huge hit and cause a fumble and return it for a touchdown. I strive to be successful a guys like Doug Flute and Steven Mariucci. I am fascinated by the concept that the sports facts a describe on TV about professional athletes can be seen by millions of people around the world.


I recognize that the world is changing and that it is becoming harder and harder to get a job in this field. Millions of people have the same or better talent in this field then me and I know that I have to do everything in my power to make myself standout. I have learned through the spark igniting  your future in communication class skills that will set me apart from the rest of the people striving toward this goal. My goal throughout the next 3 and half years of college is to master as many skills a possible to make my self a valuable asset to the field.  (hopefully  that field is in Los Angeles).


By spending time studying media production and learning the business way of how to do things, I am sure that I will be ready when the time comes.

Take a look around and enjoy.