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Casey Rosenberg's ePortfolio

Hi I'm Casey! I am a freshman majoring in Integrated Marketing and Communications. Thanks for visiting my ePortfolio! Feel free to check out my interests and what I have done so far!

Contact Info:

Casey Gail Rosenberg



(410) 830-0262


Five things I've learned at SPark:

1.) Because almost everyone has access to the internet, more people have the opportunity to express their opinions. 

2.) The job market in Communications is ever changing and expanding. Rather than looking for an open position, I should step up and corporate my own strengths into a new job title. 

3.) More and more forms of media are becoming electronic. Physical newspapers are dying out or transferring themselves to an online site. 

4.) In order to be well rounded within communications, one must be aware of the ever changing medium. 

5.) The future of communications has an impact on the way we receive information. It only takes one tweet for a room full of students to hear of Steve Jobs' death within seconds.