Carly Sitzer Malibu, CA February 2012

My passion for journalism is obvious to anyone whom I meet. My interest started at an abnormally young age; when most of my peers where figuring out where in the world Carmen San Diego was, I migrated towards the breaking news on CNN. Instead of bedtime stories, I loved to have my father read me blurbs from The New York Times. Friends chuckled at the epic struggle between Charlie Brown and Lucy, I got my kicks out of the cartoons in The New Yorker


As an aspiring journalist, I seem to find myself in situations with journalism enthusiasts, whether it be from peers, professors or professionals. One question that I always find myself answering is, ‘why journalism?’ I first pursued journalism because of my love of writing, which lead me to discover my love for editing and designing layouts. 


However, I now realize that the joy in being a journalist isn’t from looking at my own articles, corrections or pages; it’s from other people reading it, examining it and taking in the information and knowing that they couldn’t have done it without me.


My love for journalism has brought me to places unimaginable to your average college student. My hardwork and passion has landed me a seat in CBS New York's newsroom, bylines on The Huffington Post and USA Today, face-to-face with celebrities and more.