Me and my sister on Christmas Day

My Cinema Philosophy

Charlie Stillman

Ithaca College Class of 2015 - Cinema and Photography (BS) - Roy H. Park School of Communications

All I wanted for Christmas for several years was a video camera. Instead I got an atv, golf clubs, and socks. Until that memorable morning of Christmas Day 2006 when Santa finally delivered my video camera. The very next day, I invited my friend over and we began making silly skits. After feeling so proud over such stupid skits, we showed them to our class every week and so began my passion. My friend and I began with these skits, then moved on to comedic shorts, and now we both are majoring in cinema at college where, although we still enjoy channeling our inner child, are working on progressing our maturity with our films.

Storytelling has been around since the stone age and has evolved to become one of the most advanced and widely used forms of media.  Everybody has a story to tell, but everybody will tell it differently.  This is a field in which I can share my perspective.  Ever since i received my first video camera several Christmases ago, I have always enjoyed the experience of everything it all encompassed.  To be attending college for it is a dream come true, I am learning the more technical terms of it all.  Writing is also a positive trait of mine even though i never actually enjoyed it.  Writing, to me, is just me expressing what is going on in my head and translating it to more common words.  Cinema is my favorite way to translate it.  All of the aspects that go into making a movie compels me to move further with with my passion. I have so many more elements to help translate my thoughts for other people.  

I absolutely love Rod Serling and his work in The Twilight Zone.  He was so far ahead of his time in terms of ideology.   Ever since I was accepted into the Gifted and Talented group in my elementary school, I have looked up to so many great minds for inspiration.  I like to use Rod Serling as my inspiration for project ideas.  Leonardo Da Vinci is another person who was far beyond his time.  I tend to focus more about his inventions than anything else he has mastered.  After I visited a Leonardo Da Vinci museum while in Italy, it opened my eyes to whom this man was.  His invention concepts wouldn't be invented for few hundred years later.  He was one to not let himself be constricted by anything and to think outside the box.  His innovative thinking is what I like to follow as my career in Cinema takes off.