IC Preview 2012 Service Saturday at Salvation Army

Hello and welcome to my e-Portfolio!

My name is Christie Tan. I am a first year student at Ithaca College majoring in Health Care Management. I am planning to minor in Pre-MBA and deaf studies. If that is not too much to handle, I would like to minor in Asian American studies when it becomes available. I hope to intern in a hospital, a clinic, and a federal agency to see how it feels like to work in different type of settings. I am looking forward to the opportunities that are waiting ahead of me.

I was born and raised in New York City. I have never left home for more than two weeks yet, I am here in Ithaca, NY, five hours away from home, for the following four years. It has been a marvelous experience for me. The surrounding, the accessibility, and the people are different from what I am used to. Each day, I learn so much new materials and at the same time, I also learn a lot more about myself. I constantly discover and develop new skills and skills that I previously have. I test where my limits are and challenge them.

From home, I had a few experiences working as an office assistant and I really liked the experiences. I was an office assistant at my high school, a Chinese school and a dentist office. Even though my position is the same, but my responsibilities are slightly different from one another. But as an office assistant, confidentiality is required no matter where you work. Each of these settings gives me a different feeling and follows a different system. It was fascinating to learn that some offices have not adapted to the digital age.

From all the occupations, I chose to study health care management due to several factors. The biggest and dominant reason is because of my family. I always see my parents and grandparents trying to understand the letters from the health department regarding changes in their insurance plan and complaining about the determining eligibility and approval process for services. Even though I am proficient in English, I still don't understand the policies and terms mentioned in the letters. Another reason is that I know I want to work in the health field and I love working in an office environment. Being a health care administrator able me to combine these two things. In addition, by studying health care management, I hope to gain knowledge and understanding of these changes in the system. I want to be able to help my family and others who have the same struggle. I also want to help improve the system, so that the general population has a better understanding of the system. My long-term goal is that one day I will able to run a clinic or hospital.

Thank you for viewing my e-Portfolio, and please feel free to browse my resume, documents, and Ithaca College Health Promotion and Physical Education Department's website to learn more about my education: Health Care Management at Ithaca College. If you have any further questions or inquiries, please e-mail me at ctan1@ithaca.edu.