Chris Triggiani

My name is Chris Triggiani and I am currently a freshman at Ithaca College majoring in Cinema and Photography (BS) with a concentration in Cinema Production. I have taken primarily film classes but hope to expand my variety in the upcoming semester.

I come from Rockaway, NJ, and am very proud of it. New Jersey will always be home to me, no matter what anyone from New York says about it. I attended Morris Knolls High School, where I fenced for four years, making varsity my sophomore year, and played a large role in the school's television department. By my senior year, I was leading the brand new morning announcements that aired information everyday to the entire school. For my contributions to the school's television department and doing work for MSG's new channel, MSG Varsity, I received a one thousand dollar scholarship.

I am currently absorbed in my film studies here at IC, where I have great freedom to explore the medium and experiment with different kinds of equipment as well as visual styles. I am also working on several independent projects in addition to some of my already existing videos which can be seen on my vimeo account: