Hello and welcome to my ePortfolio! My name is Christophe Vosatka and I am Television-Radio Major with a concentration in Media Production at Ithaca College.

Until recently, I did not consider a career in Communications. I was originally considering a career as a Music Teacher. I had worked as the Studio Manager for my high school's television program, but I only considered that as a hobby. Through the show, I realized that I gained too many valuable skills (leadership, organization, coordination, preparation, creativity, and various technical skills) to let them go to waste so I decided to switch my major and pursue a career in television. Coincidentally, the skills I learned and attained through my high school's program are now my strengths. During my time as the Studio Manager, I worked in every position for the show. My favorites by far, though, were directing and producing. As a result, I would like to pursue a career as a director or producer for a major television station. 

As I go through my education at Ithaca College, I hope to gain a wide variety of knowledge as well as knowledge that will help in my career. One of the principle vehicles for obtaining certain knowledge is through experience. At Ithaca College, I hope to participate in ICTV for all 4 of my years here as well as gain valuable internships at various establishments. An acquaintance of mine once told me that if I want to be a director for a major television network, I need to first learn all the other positions. This is so I can understand where my colleagues are coming from while a show is running and be able to work with them effectively. Knowledge about the industry is just as important as a technical knowledge and I am relying on the prestigious faculty at Ithaca College to assist me in obtaining this knowledge.

Over the next 4 years, I need to be as involved as possible on campus. This means being involved in the Park School student media such as ICTV and the radio stations. I also need to be involved on campus outside of the Park School as well. I have already started getting involved by being involved with ICTV as the Floor Manager of the Sunday showing. I am also currently in training to be a Dean's Host for the Park School. I hope to get more involved on campus over the next 4 years. On top of my on-campus involvement, I also need to be active outside of school. I hope to be involved in as many internship opportunities as possible. These internships will give me the opportunity to learn on the job, outside of school, as well as boosting my resume.