A picture of me

Hello and welcome to the ePortfolio of Delaney DuBois! I am a Television-Radio major with a concentration in Media Production and a minor in History. I expect to graduate in the spring of 2016.

I am captivated by all things television and film. From a young age my stepmother got me hooked on classic movies from The Thin Man to Sabrina. As I got older and developed my own taste and interest in television, I introduced her to many fabulous television programs as repayment. I have always viewed television as a great storytelling mechanism. I find it intriguing and absolutely amazing how people can really connect with characters because of good storytelling. To me, a successful television show is one that stays with people and one people always go back to no matter how many years go by.

I am very interested in all aspects of television. My original plan was to be a writer but through many amazing programs with Ithaca College, I am now interested in not only writing, but also directing, producing, and editing. Through classes like Television Studio Production I was able to gain experience by directing my own 5-minute talk show. This opened my eyes to a new job that was fast paced and demanding but I really enjoyed. In the future I would really like to get into editing and writing as a possible career choice because editing helps with the aspect of storytelling. You really have to visualize what image you want to portray. My absolute dream job would be to take my love for history and my passion for writing/storytelling and become the creator and executive producer of my own period-drama television show.

Because of my enthusiasm, knowledge, and curiosity of many aspects of television and media, I am eager and ready to take the opportunities that come my way!