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  My Name is Demitra Maris Elkin and I am a video editor. I graduated Staples High School in Westport, Connecticut. I am currently attending Ithaca College and working towards a Bachelors Degree in Cinema and Photography. I have been working with film since sophomore year of high school and in senior year I had the amazing opportunity to work as an assistant editor at an advertising company. Having been interested in film for a while, I have built a great deal of knowledge of the industry and wish to exceed the expectations of my employers. Recently I have been expanding my horizons by starting work with photography and graphic editing. My willingness to learn, is a asset that would greatly benefit any work space.
     Technology is a forever changing movement that is shaping our world, it is the future. I have the skills necessary to set new standards in film. It is important to recognize the recent changes in the industry and learn from what is happening in it during my educational process. With jobs always changing, I find it necessary to be flexible and be knowledgeable enough to carry out any request asked of me while maintain maximum productivity in the field. The job i wish to fill is always the one that is most needed in my place of work. I am a fast learner and can adapt to any environment and capable of picking up various task with little instruction. I am a well rounded and very knowledgeable individual and can give constructive feedback and have great skills with collaboration from my past and current experiences with my peers. Not only I am determined and make sure things are done right, but I am determined to make sure they are done in a timely manner. I am very loyal and will never shy away from an opportunity to demonstrate my love for the mass media industry.
     With my past job experiences, independent film works and skills, and my willingness to learn and prosper, I have grasped the ability to work under intense amounts of pressure. In addition to having learned a great deal about film, I also hold an interest in marketing and human psychology. Being a well rounded and intelligent individual is crucial in todays job market. With these additional interests I am able to make sure that my independent work appeals to the masses. I am extraordinary at following directions and can see potential in every project sent my way. I only submit work that conveys a great depth of understanding in the subject at hand and will never accept inadequate results. I value productivity and quality in all the projects I work with.