A photo of me at graduation


I want to be a on a PR team that works for major fashion companies. My dream job is to be the CEO of Michael Kors. I also love photography and graphics design. I would like to help make advertisements for big fashion companies using these mediums. Making it in the fashion industry will be a cut throat but I know I can see myself being successful. 

I would like the make connections in the fashion industry. I want to be able to be connected with alumni that are in the fashion industry. Being an IMC major I want to learn how to be the best PR of a fashion company that I can. I want to learn how to put myself out their and especially work on my public speaking. I want to be able to learn from alumni that have been in my position and have overcame the difficult fashion industry. I want to learn where to begin and what kind of attitude I would need to make it, keeping in mind that it is very cut throat! I need to improve my graphic design skills and my public speaking skill for sure, and learn how to network myself into the industry.  

     To get to where I need to be as a fashion communicator/marketer there is a lot I will need to do. One of the first things I need to do is start to communicate with alumni in my field. Making connections will be essential for me to make it in the fashion industry. Another thing I will have to do is possibly take fashion classes at cornell that will help broaden my education in fashion business. Another thing I will need to do is to find, apply and acquire an internship in the fashion industry that will help me prepare for my profession. Additionally, I want to apply for the semester in New York City; seeing as though it is one of fashion capitals of the world. Experiencing life and fashion in the city will help me acquire the fast past nature the fashion industry has. 

     When it comes to being the fashion world, you have to keep up with the trends. I should continue to blog as much as possible about the fashion industry. I should look up more of the business practices of big fashion corporations and how they work and blog about them. Then compare the to practices I learn about in my communications classes and see how they relate.