profile of me

Ever since I was young I have always had big dreams about what I have wanted to do when I grow up.  Though those dreams have changed over the years,  the goal has always been the same. To do big things and make a positive difference in other people’s lives while doing something I am passionate about. There are several positions I would love to do when I am older including working as an anchor or reporter at ESPN but lately I would like to create something of my own either in the music/entertainment or sports industries.  I have started projects and enjoy overseeing them until they are complete and enjoy the relationships I gain out of them as well as the satisfaction of bringing something new to the table and watching people enjoy this new product or service.

            The communication is changing everyday through social media such as facebook and twitter offering multitudes of opportunities to up and comers in every industry.  There are new social media sites popping up such as and spotify. It is important for new business to utilize theses new medias and gain followers.  It is important to understand all of these and network. Networking is key, it is the people around you who will make you successful and bring out your full potential.

            At Ithaca College, I am able to take advantage of the variety of opportunities offered at the college. I am currently doing sports updates for VIC radio along with public relations. I am representing a band (Erik Caron Connection) , working on two ICTV shows in different capacities (promotions and studio camera) , and have a sports beat for the Ithacan (Men’s Swimming and Diving) . I hope to be able to combine my passions and find or create a job that will make me happy.

            I plan to take classes in production and creative writing to round out my education and be a complete communications professional.  It would also be wise for me to learn about different kinds of people and sections of the country as well as the world so I can effectively market to those people and areas. I believe that I also have to research other areas of marketing such as in hotels or traveling so I have a broad knowledge of marketing and can find something I like.

   I look forward to learn of all the opportunities offered to me in and out of college while pursuing jobs and internships that can lead me to my dream job.