Danielle Henning

Welcome to my ePortfolio! I am a Television-Radio major with a Media Production concentration, and I expect to graduate in the spring of 2015.

I aspire to be an editor. I would love to work on fictional feature films or documentaries. I love to write, and I believe that words are incredibly powerful, but I also believe that images are just as powerful, if not more powerful. Showing someone something will provoke a much stronger reaction than simply telling someone something. Both writing and editing are a way to tell a story, and I intend to do as much storytelling as possible in a unique and creative way.

I recently viewed the documentary Laduma, produced by Richard Shepherd. The filmmakers used their knowledge of communications and the media in addition to their passion for soccer to create an interesting, informative, and successful documentary. I hope to use what I learn about the media and communications, paired with my passions, to create something meaningful and interesting.

Finally, an important figure in the communications business once told me, "Think differently!" I will use this motto to guide my career as an editor. I will not simply stick to what has already been done, but rather create something new, exciting, and important in the media industry. I will use this motto to succeed as an editor.