Myself in a Halloween costume

 I am student at Ithaca College ( class of 2014) studying Television Radio/ Audio Production Concentration. My freshman year of college I attended The Pennsylvania State University Capitol Campus as a Secondary Education Social Studies student. I transferred due to monetary reasons accompanied with my change of fields. Language is an important part of the human experience, I have encountered this at a very young age. I am currently fluent in 3 languages, Welsh (my first), French, and English. Language enables us to communicate effectively with others, and all forms of communication today use language. My interest in the communications and specifically sound design and editing was sparked in my joining of theater in high school. I worked on sound for every show I was present for (16 shows). In addition to my experience in theater I have sat in on various music productions and have experience mixing sound through live collegiate theatre productions, music, studio, and film. I was a disc jockey for WPSH at Pennsylvania State University Capitol Campus as well as host of various radio shows. At Ithaca I am involved in sport radio broadcasting for VIC. I hope to break into the music production field, where I would like to experience both live and studio production. Through my experience at Ithaca College, I learned to use Protools more adeptly, to learn to establish professional connections with people in the communications field. Some of the best information that has been presented to me has been about the international communications field because I hope to work for Nuclear Blast Records (a German company) as a producer. I learned that the production field is always expanding through the different kinds of media, where also older versions of movies and media need to be updated to today’s standard. I plan to use the knowledge I have attained here at Ithaca College in the audio production field, specifically (as mentioned before) music production through the company Nuclear Blast Records. Feel free to contact me at