Danny Kopilnick

Ever since my dad told me that he worked in TV, I wanted to work in TV.  Then he told me that he worked in sports and he was my passion to start watching and love sports, so now that I have this great opportunity at this amazing school, I want to get a job involving TV and sports. My dad has shown me a lot of good things that you can do in the entertainment world and I loved every second of it.  I can’t wait to get out and use what he has taught me along with things I have learned at this school. 

            I am blown away by the possibilities of the different internships I can get from this school.  I plan being able to use that resource as practice for a real job.  Being able to say I have worked in a real work place before I go looking for my own job is something that not everyone can do and is something that will be very beneficial to me. 

            The changing of social networking is also something that I am excited to use to my advantage once I leave Ithaca College.  I think the fact that my generation is so technologically savy and can connect with so many people that we will be able to get our name out easier and be able to connect with people in the workplace.  Having the ability to use things like twitter and facebook, will enhance my ability to get my opinions and information about myself to people who need to see what I can do so that I can get a job. 

            One of the most important things I think that I could do is to meet everyone.  Being able to know people and have good relationships with people is something that can really benefit me.  I think that since I am a personable person that when I meet people I will be able to make good connections and I will always leave an impression on that person. 

            Being able to know more than just English is a skill that can be very valuable in the workforce.  Being able to talk to people around the world is something that separates you from the rest.  Although I don’t know another language fluently I would love to learn one, if not two before I leave college.  I think that this is a skill that can determine whether person A or person B gets a job.