Daniel Dale Meurer

Greetings, and welcome to my ePortfolio.

At Ithaca College I obtained my Bachelors of Science in Health Science with a Pre-Med concentration, class of 2013. In my four years as an undergraduate I completed 136 credit hours (43 classes), mainly healthcare, research, and science based. I chose Ithaca College because it offered small class sizes, diverse course offerings, and well known health related majors.

Laura and Roger Meurer are my parents and they are/were research scientist, chemist and biologist, respectively. Being raised in this house I took an early interest in life sciences. I loved relating what I learned in my science classes to all physical surroundings as well as myself. I was a curious kid when it came to subjects I found interesting, and gave little attention to areas that were non-stimulating to creative thought. I have always tried to be creative in what I do, and enjoy doing things differently. 

Subjects I enjoy: research, communication, healthcare, neuroscience, psychology, and public health. 

When I took a personality assessment online at Keirsey.com, they labeled me as an Idealist Champion. They said my type was good at observing, good at responding, and good at building intense connections with people. I agree with these phrases and would like to add that I can also be a very introverted person, but also very outgoing in certain circumstances. Keirsey said many other things I would like to agree with, and they said my temperament was the most inspiring of all types; I am not sure about this one yet. If you read through my ePortfolio, it will show you what I have done in my past four years, and who I have become. 

There are many circles in life and I enjoy the lyrics to The Circle of Life from the Lion King. This anthem has stuck with me since that Disney movie became my favorite when I was four. I still use it to motivate me and to comfort me. I wanted to share this music video because it relates to how I view life. 


More material of mine is located inside this portfolio, so please surf around.

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