Performing at a local coffeehouse event in New Jersey

Hello! Welcome to the E-Portfolio of Dan Purcell, Independent Filmmaker, Musician and Artist. I am currently a Cinema and Photography major at Ithaca College with a concentration in Cinema Production, and I expect to graduate in the Spring of 2016.

I genuinely feel that my lot in life is to be a storyteller. The greatest stories touch us and inspire us in unimaginable ways, and I think I've always wanted to have the ability to do reach out to people like that. It's always been fascinating to delve into an art form and find a story in it, and it's something that I've done since I was very young.  I've used all the mediums of visual and performing arts to convey my stories, whether it be drawing pictures and cartoons, writing and singing songs, or making short films. However, I truly feel that the medium of Film, Video and Television is becoming the premiere method of conveying an idea to an audience of people. That's why as a Cinema and Photography major, and eventually, a filmmaker, I want to focus on creating compelling and exciting stories to tell to people of all ages.

In addition to filmmaking, I also have experience in the area of music. I have received vocal training from Ms. Barbara Simon, author of the book Singing: Body and Soul, and have performed with the award-winning Bergen County Academies Concert and Chamber Choir. Currently, I am a member of the award-winning all male collegiate a cappella group here on campus, Ithacappella.

With the growing trend in online video and social media, the ability for an artist to communicate with his or her audience has become much easier. I believe that not only is it important to focus on learning the traditional aspects of the cinema, but also to keep up with the latest trends in order to understand one’s audience. I hope that with the skills learned from classes at Park, I can achieve my personal goals as a storyteller and be able to communicate new, exciting ideas to an audience utilizing both traditional and modern methods in filmmaking.

Feel free to look around my portfolio and check out some of my work, both in music and film! You won’t regret it!