Hello, my name is Daniel Slatt and I am a transitional-DPT student at Ithaca College.  Following graduation from Central Dauphin High School in Harrisburg, PA, I began courses as an undergraduate at Ithaca College.  Having already known that I wanted to become a physical therapist, I chose Ithaca College due to it's beautiful campus and the reputation of having a strong physical therapy program.  I received my Bachelor's Degree in Clinical Health Studies in May, 2009 and my Master's Degree in Physical Therapy in October, 2010.  Our 10-week transitional-DPT program began in September and will conclude in November, 2010.

Professional Mission Statement:

I desire to live each day with ambition so that I will always be driven to reach my high expectations.  I will achieve this by setting daily to yearly goals so that all of my actions will have a defined purpose.  I pride myself on being viewed by others as a person with great integrity, compassion, and accountability.  I believe that it is essential to practice continuing education and self-learning during a career in order to assist patients with the latest theories and techniques.  Throughout my professional career I will incorporate ways which allow me to give back to the community.