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My Story: Past, Present and Future

             In High school, I knew without a doubt what my future would contain: a lot of writing. And in my senior year, inspired by my economics teacher’s current events and media-based lessons, I decided to focus that writing in the field of communications. Naturally, my love for writing and current events lead to a decision to study Journalism at Ithaca College’s renowned Park School of Communications.

             Now, as I have begun my studies at IC, my focus has started to shift from Journalism to marketing communications (I start taking classes next semester, but will declare an IMC major for my sophomore year), but the implications for my future are much the same. Just as we all are experiencing the field of journalism transition from the traditional newspaper format to online articles and beyond, the business marketing landscape has been altered dramatically by the introduction of social technology as well. A mastery of social media tools will be a necessary skill for any person looking for a job in the field of marketing, as companies have increasingly begun to reach the public through sites like Twitter and Facebook. But beyond the direct interface with potential customers, working for a firm that may well be internationally based requires the ability to use media in order to work with colleagues who may be thousands of miles away. And working internationally, in turn, requires anyone seeking a career in marketing to be well versed in many cultures, and ideally, languages. Speaking to various IC alumni, I have learned that as marketing becomes more global, Mandarin Chinese, English, and Spanish have become prominent languages in the business world.

            As I begin taking Marketing communications classes, I want to learn as much as possible about the technical end of the field. By becoming skillful in graphic design, learning how to design websites, being capable of shooting and editing video, and many other skills, I will set myself apart from others who possess only some of these essential skills. The best way for me to do this will be to enroll in classes specific to these fields, and to join clubs and groups on campus. Classes are not the only way I plan to acquire these skills however. In the next few years, internships will prove invaluable in gaining experience in a working environment that no class can really convey.

            I have goals for when I graduate as well. I am passionate about several outdoor sports and activities, but primary among these is longboard skateboarding.  Working on the marketing team for any company in the longboarding industry, or with any company involved in outdoor activities, would be an ideal career path for me. To that end, I am already getting involved with Comet Skateboards, a longboarding company with a large presence in Ithaca, by interviewing Jason Salfi, co-founder and president of Comet. I plan to continue to build my relationship with this company, and hope to intern there, an experience that would prove invaluable to my future career.


Contact Information:

Email: dsnyder1@ithaca.edu

Phone: 203-994-4715