Today, there is less and less demand for humans to do work because technology is taking over. People's jobs are being replaced by a machine or a digital medium that can perform the task quicker and more efficiently. Post office workers are being replaced by email, tollbooth attendants are being replaced by EZ Pass, and the list is growing. We are building new technologies to make our lives easier, however in doing so, we are removing our own purpose. 

When I was 16 years old I found a box full of old photography equipment in my Grandparent's attic and every since then, I have fallen in love with photography. In today's world, you can not go one day without seeing hundreds of images whether they are on the internet, in a newspaper, or on a television. Photography is everywhere. I am studyin Cinema and Photography at Ithaca College, with a concentration in Still Photography. I am constantly learning about the importance and the influence of photography on society. Billions of photos are uploaded to Facebook, Twitter, and Fickr each day.  Today's media is quickly shifter towards a digital medium rather than a printed source. In the last 25 years, newspaper circulation has gone down 7 million. In the last 5 years, online newspapers have gone up by 30 million. In this digital age, that just calls for more need for photographers. There are multiple online photo sharing websites, one being Instagram which has 4.25 million users and photos being posted at a rate of 10 per second. Photographers are capturing the faces of pop-culture and the beauty of nature. There are so many different mediums and types of photography, and it is forever expanding. In addition to being a dedicated photographer, I am an Eagle Scout and a vollunteer firefighter. I am well trained to respond to different emergency situations. I am a carpenter and have done stage crew, building the sets for seven different productions at my High School. I am a member of the Acahti Players and have been doing improv for 2 years. One day, I hope to be a photographer for Life Magazine or National Geographic magazine and I hope to travel the world and capture it through the lens of my camera.

As I get older I am continually learning about the importance of the relationships I make with other people and the impact of my actions on these people. I am trying my best to make good impressions on people and to make the small part of the world around me a more enjoyable place for myself and others. I like to make people laugh in everyday conversation and through my improv and stand-up comedy performances. I like to help people whether I know them or not which is why I became an emergency responder and an Eagle Scout. I was brought up in a family where I learned to treat people right and if I do so, I will be treated with equal respect.