Varsity Soccer

Hello! My name is Drew Tallon, and I am a freshman, exploratory student at Ithaca College. Before entering college, I attended Honeoye Falls- Lima High School, a school full of about 700 kids, in a town called Honeoye Falls, with a population of about 3,000. We all seem to know each other, and most of us grew up together in a close-knit environment. I played soccer and lacrosse, as well as alpine skied in high school. My passion for skiing began while ski racing, and have shifted my passion to more recreational skiing, where I hope to move out West to the mountains and live out this dream. I have loved soccer since I can remember, and recently took it to the next level by trying out for the soccer team here at Ithaca. Since joining the team, I have adjusted well, but still have much more room to improve. I hope to be one of the captains of the soccer team at Ithaca later in my career. My hobbies, besides playing sports outside of practice, include hanging out with friends, watching TV and movies, or just going outside to enjoy the nature. Although my hobbies are pretty restricted, I am up for almost anything. I have two loving parents, a two brothers, a step-mother and four step-siblings. They are all great people, who I have enjoyed letting into my life and getting to know them to such a close extent. Family has become something that I cherish, and don't take it for granted as I have in the past. I hope to enjoy my four years here and meet many new people, participate in things that are our of my comfort zone, and learn a lot about life, and about myself as a person.