" Peace begins with a smile"

 There are very few things that inspire me as much as those individuals who take on the challenge of dedicating  their lives to the struggle known as social justice. Far more than a career or academic investment, social justice is lived day by day, and becomes an emotional investment, without this fight the heart and mind become uninspired and disillusioned. I strive to never let my passion fall to the world's distractions. 

My name is Dana C. Villalobos, I hail from Denver, Colorado. I am working towards a Politics major, and Latin American Studies minor. I see myself spending my years after Ithaca College in Law School. 

This profile is an insight into the ideals, goals, and involvements that I hold close to heart. I hope you are able to gain a better understanding of who I am, what I stand for, and who I hope to become. Enjoy!

Please feel free to contact me at dvillal1@ithaca.edu