A self portrait of a nice young man.

The day my parents got me a video camera while I was growing up changed my life. All throughout grade school, I have been producing films for class projects or pure enjoyment. 

While attending Ithaca College, I plan to get a bachelor’s of science in Cinema and Photography, concentrating on Cinema. My overall career goal is to become a prominent Director of Photography, either working on independent films or major mainstream motion pictures.

Once I graduated, I will ultimately be challenged with finding a job in the industry as I’m thrown out into the real world. Therefore, at Ithaca College, I plan on getting internships during the Los Angeles program to help with networking and gain real-world experience. Ideally I would like to work in the camera department, but I have also recently acquired an interest in audio production. 

Print media is fading away, which is why I plan to shoot mainly on digital cameras, and distribute my media digitally. Occasionally I will use film, due to the certain aesthetic qualities it can create, although I highly doubt I will be distributing my work on a 35mm roll of film.

Seeing as the internet is a prominent feature of today’s society, it helps that I plan on minoring in web design in order to make and design websites for whatever purpose I need. The internet is a great way to put myself out there, and being able to create my own website will allow me more options as to how to express myself. 

At the same time, many people have a hard time finding a job in their ideal industry, which is why I’m glad my major covers photography. As a backup plan, in addition to a current hobby, photography is something I would look forward to as a potential future career.

Lastly, a lot of knowledge in business would immensely help me should I decide to create my own production company or photography business. During the summer, while I’m back home, I plan to take business seminars and learn more about making financial investments and how to manage a business.

Throughout my time at Ithaca, I’ve learned that Facebook and Twitter are great ways to get your name out there, and great for networking with other professionals. Social networking is very important as it provides a fast and easy way to communicate. I also learned that computers are important, as they provide a way to access social networking sites as well as create digital media. This leads me to the next and one of the most important things I have learned; that the internet is an extremely valuable tool for connecting, communicating, and collaborating with world-wide sources along with establishing different useful contacts. Astonishingly enough, I have also learned that newspaper circulation is down seven million over the last twenty-five years, leading to the fact that digital paperless media is revolutionizing the world. Lastly, I have learned that traditional advertising is in a steep decline, therefore new forms of media are popping up, and I need to stay on top of technology as times change.