A picture of me

Hello, my name is Elizabeth Adams.

I am currently a Sophomore at Ithaca College as a Physical Therapy major with minors in Honors and Nutrition Promotion. I attended Bellows Free Academy Fairfax High School, located in Vermont, and through sports and science classes there fell in love with the idea of becoming a physical therapist. During my senior year I held an internship at Fairfax Family Physical Therapy and learned that this is the career path for me. Currently I am interested in either working with athletes (nordic skiers in particular) or pediatrics, but that may change as I further my education. For now I am interested in learning as much about the profession and opportunities within it.

 Mission Statement

I have always had a passion for helping others in whatever way I can, and as a Physical Therapist I aim to be able to help patients, in terms of healing, in a broad scope of ways. I believe all people deserve proper care, regardless of their social or economical status, and am committed to providing a high level of care to all patients.