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Welcome to my eportfolio! My name is Eric Cotton.  For the longest time I wanted to be a prosecutor. However, a few years ago I began to have a change of heart after watching documentaries that showed areas of famine and war and of domestic and animal abuse. The emotional catharsis that these images brought made me realize that I wanted to shed light on problems in the world. And from this enlightening experience, I have been drawn to Ithaca College.  I am a Television and Radio major with a minor in History. I plan to graduate with honors.  History has always been my favorite subject because I have always found it crazy how quickly cultures and technologies evolve.  My dream is to one day make make history documentaries and how the information we can learn from the past help develop a solution to a social problem in the present.


The merging of different mediums of media is making it easier for people like me to get their documentaries and “hard” news stories out into the media. I would like to incorporate the sharing of "hard" news-style with social networking style websites.  My vision for the result would be somewhat like a combination of Facebook, Tubmlr, and Twitter.  However the overall shift to soft news makes the hard news that I wish to generate less relevant to the media and thus the masses. The tight economy is hitting all job markets. However, jobs in the TVR field are always being created with new shows, the media shift to online streaming, and an increasing number of television channels.  Therefore, upon graduating from Ithaca, I hope to have gained enough general knowledge about what is going around in the mass media field. 


Here at Ithaca College, I am broadening my knowledge of TVR through courses such as Intro to Field Production, as well as Intro to Media Industries. I also am exploring different aspects of myself through clubs, such as Spit That, Comedy Club, and Up 'Til Dawn. I plan on declaring a concentration in documentary studies, which will allow me to take more advanced courses in developing documentaries and researching topics.


I hope to study in LA next spring (spring 2013) in order to gain experience on what it is like to work on set for a major television show, and learn more about what goes into post production. I hope this experience will allow me to get an internship in the future working on either a news station or a comedy show seeing as these are the two different things I would like to work with someday.


I am minoring in history as well. I feel like the experience I would gain from a minor in history would help me make documentaries involving history, which is actually increasing in demand, with channels like the History Channel still in high demand during these economic times.  Plus, I just find history interesting, so why wouldn't I want to learn about something that I love?


I hope that the knowledge that I gain here at Ithaca College will make me a better documentary maker so that I can make documentaries that inspire such an emotional response that they make a difference in the world.