Emily Francis

"If you wish to achieve worthwhile things in your personal and career life, you must become a worthwhile person in your own self-development." -Brian Tracy


             I developed my fascination with journalism and global awareness later than most kids develop their career interests. Not until tenth grade did I find my grammatically inclined, editing, writing and photographing niche working for my high school newspaper.

Staying current is extremely important as a journalist, especially in today’s society as more and more multimedia journalists are undertaking each aspect of reporting – editing, broadcasting and writing – all on their own and on the go. My curiosity of the world and societies around me combined with my love for writing and intense satisfaction of getting the story out has landed me in the perfect place: a journalism major at Ithaca College.

Coming to IC, I was hesitant to jump into the highly competitive college environment, especially in the area of journalism, but I have come to find that most people are willing to help and contribute to the bigger picture or product, rather than just be out for themselves and their own success, which is what I have always strived for.

In high school I learned how to climb the ladder of success in a newsroom by starting as a contributing writer on the student-run newspaper and ending as the editor-in-chief. Throughout that process I learned the value of collaborating with peers and writers, teaching what I know and quickly learning what I don’t. I hope to apply that to my college experience.

Journalists and editors help control the content of information the population sees; they decide what is worthy of news or what isn’t. I find this an extremely important role to play in society, especially in regard to the government and their activities. I think it is the duty of a journalist to protect the general population in this way.

At IC, I have broadened my interest in print journalism by writing for the news section of The Ithacan, the student newspaper. The college campus environment has changed my perspective on reporting and how it must be done on a bigger scale. I also plan to minor in the Spanish language in hopes of travelling in my last semesters to a South American country for the full experience of a different culture. Along with a minor in Spanish I am hoping to also minor in legal studies. I spent the summer of 2011 at an internship with a private defense attorney and his partner; their practice focused mainly on criminal and family court. This sparked my interest in the legal system and was a truly hands-on experience, so I hope to continue the learning process in my years at IC. 

As for my interest in international affairs, I enrolled in a politics course my first semester that focused on global markets, how they are connected and much of it was based on how media portrayal can drastically change politics in a nation.

I hope to continue to grow as an intellectually curious student and someday a professional, whether that is in the field of journalism or law.