Emily Graham

Welcome to my e-portfolio. 

I am a Television/radio major, and I expect to graduate in the Spring of 2016.

The media industry is an ever-changing thing and I hope to make it it as an aspiring director, screenwriter, and just about anything else I can manage to get into. I came to Ithaca College because it was the perfect medium to get my voice out there. I want to connect youth and the rest of the general public in a way that allows them to feel like they're not alone, and then too have a voice to be heard. I'm a firm believer that you can learn anything from anybody, be it bad or good. We are not limited to only one potential, we are not conditioned to become one thing, and "adulthood" is not a time where you are expected to "settle." 

I admit that I'm a late-bloomer in realizing where I wanted to steer myself in terms of a major but I'm more than willing to work as hard as I can to get as many skills and experience under my belt as I can. Growing up I never wanted to be what my parents were, never wanted to be what my neighbors were, I didn't even want to be what the celebrities on tv were. I didn't want to have "fame" per say, only a voice. See, I've always fit seamlessly into the background of people's minds and I blame that in part to my very introspective-nature. Yet that opened an entirely new outlet for me: writing. If I had to name a talent I would simply point to my head because that's the greatest talent I have in its physical and most simplistic form. I think my imagination and mental-drive to produce are my greatest assets. 

Which leads me back to what I want to do in life. I've never been a gal for goals because endpoints seemed so limiting. I just wanted to be able to do what I couldn't and work forever on that. I wanted my life to be an exponential process of learning and achieving. And this led me into the path of TVR, and tv itself. I always found the concept of "fandoms" fascinating because they were a group of entirely different people who were complete strangers had they not gotten along over one thing. This has created a whole new way of thinking, interpreting, reading, and socializing (especially through mediums such as websites) that had enthralled me from the moment I started to analyze and create stories of my own. 

I've worked on all sorts of small projects in my high school career, including a short ten-minute documentary on the benefits of girl's education in Afghanistan. I've learned how to fluently work in Final Cut, and am currently working on Avid. I'm a fast-learner, with a basic knowledge of how to work in a studio setting. I'd like to learn how to promote, influence, and persuade people with my words. This also includes the desire to grind away all my writing faults, and organize my thoughts into a sequence that could produce a successful film or television show. I think it's a skill that has gotten a lot of ideas pitched into the green zone and it's a skill that has given successful (by my standards) director/producer/screenwriter a deeper connection with his or her audience.

I've had the remarkable experience of talking with great IC alumni such as Bill D'Elia and Ellie Rountree. They taught me that (1)I can't limit myself with what I do; (2) I can't be afraid to take risks; (3) I should be open to all sort of career opportunities; (4) I should stay connected with my alumni and peer community; and (5) I should always keep up with the latest media trends. Using resources like Twitter and Facebook help to get an idea out there and to expand on the amount of people willing to help spread the word. Sometimes we also have to "make stuff up," and be versatile enough to accept a challenge when it presents itself. By not limiting one to a specific career goal we open ourselves up to unthinkable opportunities that could make us CEOs across the globe.

The integrity of a social network of any kind is one of the most sacred things a person can share with the people they influence. A firm state of mind that tries to eliminate bias in broadcasting, in a way that informs the viewer about all the facts so they may decide the truth themselves.

I aim to make this world a more inter-connected community where communication is not limited to where you live. I will take any job under the sun if it meant I could learn more, I could see more people, and I could put another notch in my belt for a new experience lived.