Emily Hull

     Hello and welcome to my ePortfolio; my name is Emily Hull and I'm from Stamford, NY. I'm currently an undergraduate at Ithaca College studying Journalism in the Roy H. Park School of Communications. I intend to minor in Sports Studies and graduate in May of 2015. 

     From my experience thus far in the field of media, I have learned that it is ever-changing and will continue to do so as technologies develop. With the improvements to social media, such as Facebook and Twitter, it is even easier for information to spread from one person to the masses. Although there are many reliable sources available on these social media powerhouses, there is also the opportunity to receive false information. Anyone can post anything they think or feel, which can be problematic. False information can be published by those who are now being called "citizen journalists." This means citizens, people who have not received formal media education, are tweeting or posting news as it happens. This can be helpful in some cases but in most it is leading to drastic changes in the field of media. Adapting to these new circumstances and informing others of the importance of the objective presentation of information will in turn help further the progress of our field and our nation as a whole.

     I have also learned from my time here at Ithaca the importance of being a well-rounded student and most of all person. Taking classes within your major is one thing, but including classes from many other departments adds to your marketability and gives you a basis of knowledge in many other areas. Also it is important for you to know how to use multiple forms of technology effectively. From social media to cameras and computers, students in the field of communications need to understand and be able to present themselves in all of these forms. In just a few short months I have learned how to use more technology than I have in my whole life. I am dedicated to continue this effort in order to stay competitive.  

     Another key factor to making the most of a career in communications is taking advantage of every opportunity given to you. Here at IC, we are given so many opportunities to network and make contact with alumni and professionals working in the field currently. This is the ideal situation for us to jumpstart our careers. Also it is important for us as communications students to take internships and jobs that will allow us to gain experience before we jump into the field. Even as a freshman I realize the importance of this aspect of the job process. It's never too early to make contacts and network with those that can help you in the future. Any positive impact you can make on someone now will most definitely help you in the future. I have been doing my best to participate in all of these opportunities inside and outside of the classroom. 

     Multi-tasking is something else that is essential to a communications student. You must be able to juggle many projects at once in order to be successful. Interviews, research, drafts, and deadlines are all crucial to the completion of a project. These all come at once and time needs to be managed effectively in order to get it done. I have learned the importance of multi-tasking through hands on experience all ready. Through my Introduction to Journalism class I have been thrown into reporting which has allowed me to experience the rush of communications from the start. I intend to improve upon all of my research and interview skills even more and IC is the perfect place to do so. 

     Lastly I have learned that information is viewed differently depending on where you view it from. Someone seeing and advertisement in the U.S. can have a totally different opinion than someone viewing it in China. We need to adapt our presentation of media in order to satisfy the needs and wants of the people we are presenting to. If someone has this ability they will be able to reach across borders. This power is key to successfully transmitting information to the masses. Learning how to access and present information in varied forms makes the person more marketable and provides an employer with a sense of confidence in their employee. 

     My personal goal is to become a successful journalist working hands on with others. It is a journalists job to go out find information and present it to people in order to improve their lives. All of the skills listed above are vital for this to happen. I have the utmost confidence that here at Ithaca College I will gain these skills. I'm excited to see what's ahead for me and my future.