Emily Ingersoll

Hello, I'm Emily.

I am currently a sophomore at Ithaca college, studying Integrated Marketing and Communications. I love the idea of design and advertising, and would ultimately hope to work for an advertisement agency.

I am a visual person, and award my observational skills by paying attention to acute components like sights, sounds, mannerisms, colors, design, etc. I thrive off of the challenge of arranging and rearranging objects in my environment. I would like to graduate Ithaca college with the skills to use my interests as a basis for a career. I would hope to be in a field of work where i can use my design ideas and skills in the advertising and marketing world, however I keep myself open minded to new career options, seeing as the communications world is ever-changing. 

During high school I took classes that have trained me to gain skills in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and Indesign. I enjoy working with these softwares, and would love to be able to continue using products like these in my future career. 

I am a people person, and like to communicate and interact with others. During High school, I worked in a local toy store called G.Willikers. I learned how to deal with, and embrace different types of personalities, and characters. Naturally, this gave me a lot of experience with communicating with people, and taught me to be patient, persuasive and professional, when conflicts occur. 

Contact Info:


Phone: (518) 727-8196