Erik's Headshot

I'm Erik Jaworski, a Documentary Studies & Productions Major at Ithaca College.  I am excited to be part of a new program at Ithaca College. Before I came to Ithaca, I graduate from Hinsdale Central High School in Chicago. While there, I was able to receive first hand experience on how to work cameras and video editing programs, like Final Cut Pro. I've also gained knowledge of photography when I became the Photo Manager of the yearbook El Diablo.

For all I can remember, communication has been a problem all my life. I was born with a tongue-deficiency, and my communication skills weren't developed. One of the methods I used to communicate with others was with visuals. This included the use of body language or even pictures. It was later in my life I wanted to work in a career that uses visuals. Photographs allow us to transcend space and time. They can convey information and can impact what the viewers sees.. I will use my skills in photography and Photoshop to impact whoever sees my work.

Technology may be constantly changing, but the methods being used in the media are still the same. They may adapt their methods to the update of technology, but advertisers are still trying to send a message. The are trying to persuade audiences to use their product. This can range from information, visualization, participation, application, or even conversation. Its best to be weary when we look at advertisements.

Today, people have become accustomed to multitask. A person is most likely to update their status on Facebook while the news is on the TV and their Ipod is playing music in the background. Using all of the media resources, like Facebook or CNN, can help me communicate better with the audience. By placing advertisements on a social networks or commercials on TV channels. I decide how to communicate with the world, while working in a professional respected manner.

With the various knowledge and experience I am gaining as a Doc Studies major, I have a lot of options that are open to me. I don't know what exactly I may do, but I hope to become a successful film director, and make a huge impact in the media industry. So remember my name, for I may be well-known someday. As I always say, "we all have a purpose in life, we just need to find it."