Welcome to my eportfolio! My name is Emily Krakowski from Chesapeake City, Maryland and I am a Television/Radio major with a minor in Journalism, and I hope to graduate in the spring of 2016. 

I specifically aspire to work in the television entertainment business in the future. I’m in such awe of how big of an impact, not only the television shows/news updates and their contents have in general on society, but also the actors and writers, whom so many people can relate to and look up to.  They suddenly have this power and large opportunity to truly make a difference in the world and I find that to be one of the most gratifying possibilities. I can see myself behind the scenes perhaps as a director or even producer. However i would ideally like to be on camera either as an anchor, host, reporter, or perhaps even an actor. I’m keeping all of my options open as of right now due to the uncertainty of exactly which route id like to take. During my four years here at Ithaca College I look forward to the hands-on work and the great opportunities I get to help me discover my passion.

In order to progress my knowledge in the industry, I hope to get an internships each year over the summer, as well as stay very active with ICTV and hopefully produce my own TV show. And In addition to my dedication to media, I also spend much of my time running cross country and indoor/outdoor track. Both are very important to me and I will continue to work towards achieving my goals and dreams.