Artsy photo done with photo booth.

Hello there! My name is Elbridge and welcome to my ePortfolio. 


Contact Information:


phone (cell): (860)681-8056 

address: Bogart Hall 019


5 Things I Have Learned from Spark:

1. When selecting a career path it is best to have a more vague idea rather than a specific position at a specific company.

2. The invention of PhotoShop has had both negative and positive impacts on the  photography world. Positive impacts are the ability to touch up damaged photos and restore older photographs, and the negative impacts are the loss of credibility of a photo since it could of been doctored using PhotoShop.

3. To take advantage of the many resources the Park school has since it is a unique school that can give us the competitive edge in the job market.

4. That very often the career you end up with is not at all what you had in mind, as an example the director of Glee who came and spoke to us said he never thought he would be doing what he is doing now when he was in our position.

5. Job Training media creation is a booming market now since every company is looking for new and exciting ways to train there employees.