Eileen Oaks

Hello! My name is Eileen Oaks and I am a sophomore in the Ithaca Park School of Communications. My major is Journalism, and I have minors in both Honors and International Politics. I grew up in Kokomo, Indiana, and I have always had a fascination with the news. My parents fostered my interests in politics and the daily happenings around the world from a young age, which has inspired me to become a broadcast journalist. I have wanted to be a news anchor for as long as I can remember because I am one of the few in my generation that will sit through the nightly news and enjoy the way it is reported, just as much as the information itself. Reporters are the ears and eyes of the public, and I want to help inform and educate citizens on the political, economic and social events in the world.  

At Ithaca College, I'm taking advantage of the many opportunities to learn better communication skills by being an active member of the Speech and Debate team, as well as taking many Journalism courses. I am also a Varsity Golfer for the Lady Bombers, and a member of the Honors Program. I also plan on trying out to be a member of Newswatch 16 next semester, which will give me more experience in front, and behind a newsroom camera. To explore opportunities in the broadcasting arena, I will be interning at a local radio station in Kokomo, Indiana during the summer break. I also am looking into internships outside of school through the office of career services, to get more experience dealing with specifically broadcast journalism. 


To further advance my journalistic aptitude, I take Italian language classes at Ithaca College. This will be an additional language, adding onto the seven years of Spanish I took in high school. I consider myself to be proficient in spanish, which will be very useful, but having another language under my belt will be valuable on this ever shrinking world of digital communication. 


As I stated, I am minoring in International Politics. This will help my understanding of international relations and issues, as well as strengthen my knowledge of the United States political system. This understanding will keep myself relevant to potential employers, because in the new world of journalism, the reporter usually only has herself to rely on to keep facts correct on the scene. The more I can learn about any subject, the more informed I will be, which can keep me reliable and trustworthy.


Overall, I am very excited to start in on my endeavor to become one of the most reliable news anchors of this century. The classes I am taking and the opportunities presented by Ithaca College will be valuable in helping me obtain this goal.