My name is Eric Pick. I am a freshman attending Ithaca College with a major in Cinema & Photography. I come from a small rural town known as Mifflinburg in Pennsylvania. My main passion is to create films along with watching films and television. I am in love with television dramas and comedies. I can sit for hours watching them and get extremely into the plot and the characters. That's why I am in this major. I hope to someday be able to work on my on television drama that I created and wrote. It's a big dream and will take a lot of work, but I plan on doing whatever I have to to get there. I was first influenced to go into this field of study when I was little boy. I was very interested in movies and could watch them for hours and that hasn't changed very much for me. I plan on getting the best education I can for myself here at Ithaca College. I know that this is a great place for me and I plan to use it to my advantage the best that I can.


I understand, now, everything that we have to do in order to get a career in these areas that we study. I've always known that we would need to have internships to get a job, but I never knew how actually important they were. Every speaker has stressed exactly how important these internships are and I never knew that. I am making it a goal of mine to not only get internships, but study which ones will help me most in my career. I am going to focus a lot of time to getting great internships for me and making sure I do whatever I can while I'm at them. I now understand how important it is for those of us in the media field to know different languages. I had originally planned to stop learning a language while in college, but I have changed my mind. Once I can fit it into my schedule I plan on going back to Spanish and learning as much as I can before I graduate college. I now understand how helpful this will be to me especially if I manage an international job. Being so interested in television I know I need to constantly be trying to better myself in that field. I make myself constantly write television and working towards what the networks want. I have learned exactly how they choose a show and it is a very competitive process so I know that I will have to be the very best if I ever hope to attain my dream job. Not only will I need to learn a new language, but I have to prepare myself to work internationally. Media has become a very globalized medium and I need to prepare myself for that. For my work in television one of the most important things is using advertisers. Advertisers are so important in television and I know that I will have to learn how to work with advertisers to support a television show.

  Through all that I have learned I am going to focus my time to working towards all of these ideas and bettering myself in the world of communications.