Emily Roscoe Headshot

Hi! My name is Emily Roscoe and I am from Newburyport, Massachusetts. I am a Television-Radio major with a concentration in media production and an undeclared minor in Scriptwriting. I expect to graduate in the spring of 2015.

Simply put, I am in love with creating media. I have always been that girl who ruins television and movies for everyone, because I love to dissect and analyze everything I watch. I absorb everything around me, learn from example, and am constantly thinking of innovative ways to create my own work. Since I have been at Ithaca College, I have been inspired every day. I have been given so many opportunities to learn more about what I love, while given plenty of time to apply my knowledge outside of the classroom.  I have very high aspirations for myself, and my unwavering focus and drive have allowed me to have opportunities that are leading me down the path towards my goals. I hope to travel abroad to Paris and London, as well as interning in LA my senior year. After graduation, I hope to move to LA and peruse a career in the video production industry, specifically in studio television.

I recognize that the media industry is changing, and I believe that spending my next four years studying the media industry, intensive study in production, as well as concentrating on the craft of scriptwriting, that I will have the skills necessary to adapt to an evolving media landscape.