In my free time, I enjoy going to the beach and traveling!

Hi, my name is Lizzy Rosenberg!

Welcome to my ePortfolio! I am currently a Communications Management and Design Major, but plan on switching to Integrated Marketing Communications by the end of 2012, for the spring semester! I expect to graduate in May of 2016.

Since I was young after getting over the fact that I would never grow up to be an astronaut or Scooby-Doo, I knew that I would get involved with something creative. As a right-brained thinker, I love getting myself involved in various art projects; activities that require hands-on work and an eye for aesthetics. I also love taking leadership roles. Whether it’s being a team member or captain of a sports team, or being a group leader on my high school Builders Beyond Borders team in Nicaragua, I love the feeling of contributing to achieving a goal with my peers. Based on these various qualities about myself, I think that advertising would be the perfect job for me; some sort of creative director. After taking a photography internship in New York this past May and visiting BBDO, I hope to pursue a career there, in particular. I am also very interested in media and current events, so I believe advertising would be the perfect career path for me.

         In order to fulfill my dreams of working at an advertising agency, there are many things I must learn. First, it’s important that I learn to be strong and how to handle rejection. I understand that it’s a very competitive industry, I’m not always going to get the job I want, and my projects aren’t always going to be used. It’s also essential that I learn to do things that I don’t necessarily want to do, to get "on top." In internships I must understand that I’m going to be asked to do various tasks that I won’t want to do, but doing them will help me gain success in the business. Finally, it’s important that I learn the different aspects of advertising. Learning about researching various audience types, aesthetics and how to handle different media channels is essential for a job in advertising. Aside from communications and advertising skills, there is a certain competitive and hard-shell attitude I must learn to develop to join the advertising work force.

         There are a number of things I must to do get a job in an advertising agency. First, it’s important that I keep my projects from my various Park classes to compile a portfolio. Second, it’s essential that I take internships whenever possible, and get my name out into the working world. When I go to London my junior year, I will make sure to talk to as many people as I can, and to take advantage of every learning opportunity that I possibly can. In a rigorous job like advertising, it’s very important to talk to people and learn, get connections and pay attention to the media as much as possible.

Feel free to browse my page, and have a lovely day!