A picture of me, Erin Ann Vanderpoel

Hi everyone my name is Erin Vanderpoel.  I am a sophomore here at Ithaca College and I will be graduating in 2014. I am a Health Sciences major with a pre-med emphasis.  With the pre-med emphasis I do plan to attend Medical School, hopefully at the University of Washington, School of Medicine.  I would hope to attend this medical school because this is one of the top schools in Respiratory Medicine and I want to become a Pulmonologist.  My motivation to become a Pulmonologist started when I was in high school. At this time I had already known I wanted to be some type of doctor to help people but I wasn’t sure what type yet. My oldest brother Luke has Cystic Fibrosis and when I was a freshman in high school he became very sick and was told he wasn’t going to live much longer. Thankfully, their predictions were wrong and he is still going strong today. It was this incident however, that made me realize I wanted to become a Pulmonologist, to help patients and families living with Cystic Fibrosis and similar diseases. 

 I am originally from Medford, New Jersey where I attended Shawnee High School.  While attending Shawnee I was very active in after school clubs.  I was in many clubs such as Amnesty International, FCCLA, Spanish Club, and a few others.  FCCLA which stands for Family Career and Community Leaders of America was my favorite club of all. In this club I received a lot of volunteering experience as well as being able to raise money in many fundraisers.  At one point my friend Rachel and I started our own fundraiser for the club creating Benefit Bags, made out of recycled clothes and selling them at craft fairs. I really love children so for more volunteer experience every year when I was in high school I would volunteer at a safe trick-or-treating event for young kids.  I am a very motivated person and when I make up my mind to do something, I do it.  When I see an obstacle in my way I don’t give up, I just see it as an opportunity to reach my goals in a new way that nobody else has done.