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My name is Erich Westfield and I’m from San Antonio, Texas. I’ve always been a performer at heart and have a love for entertainment and visual media. Ithaca College offers a prestigious education with incredible opportunities in the field of communications; which is what brought me to New York. In my four years here I hope to not only succeed in Academics, but be as involved as possible in the Park School and IC Community, while networking as much as possible and building a resume for a promising career.

            My goal is to one day work at a major Television Corporation, either in Los Angeles or New York City. I hope to use the growing advantages of communication in social media in helping make and keep connections that will help further my opportunities in this business, as it is now so easy to come in contact with practically anybody, via facebook, twitter, etc. It is important to realize the effect social media has on the consumers in this country, as social networks reach over three-quarters of all Internet users. In my first semester alone I’ve kept heavily involved in ICTV and VIC Radio, gaining valuable experience in both performance and technical aspects of radio and television. I will be applying for an internship in Dallas this summer with Southwest Airlines, for a position in Public Relations or Media Production which would allow me to explore opportunities in the field I hope to work in. As media is becoming more and more globalized by the day, it would be essential for me to learn another language, which is why I plan on traveling abroad to Spain during my time at Ithaca College. Furthermore, it will be essential for me to stay educated and keep up with the rapidly changing digital world. In a very short amount of time, almost all forms of media have become digital; everywhere from production to distribution. Throughout my college career, I hope to intern at three major Television Corporations and possibly two minor ones locally. However, as I learned through this class, finding a job with a smaller independent company may be the more ideal way to go due to the fragile state of the economy, especially since the larger television companies are laying-off more and more employees. In addition to the working behind the camera, I am also pursuing my love of acting, as I am continuously practicing my craft here on campus. I am currently acting in an ICTV show, a feature length student film, and two IC Player Theater Productions.

            I am very excited to explore all the aspects of Television Production and Acting here at Ithaca College, and hopefully gain the experience and knowledge to gain a career in such fields. It is obvious that the world of communication is evolving rapidly, and that in order to be successful in this business it is imperative to be on top of these changes.