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Hello, everyone!  My name is Frances Johnson and I am a journalism major with an anticipated double major in politics and an honors minor.  I am projected to graduate in the spring of 2016.

It was not until too long ago when I discovered that my two passions were storytelling and politics.  My declared major is journalism and I am planning to declare a double major in politics.  I plan to become a broadcast journalist specifying in political analysis.  As much as I would love to travel the world some more, I want to focus on U.S. politics rather than international politics or relations.  My goal is to work for ABC World News because I have been a dedicated viewer for several years.  As an aspiring journalist, I can say with confidence that I am a strong writer and speaker.  I enjoy public speaking and meeting with new people, two vital qualities to have.  Aside from academics, I used to perform music in front of audiences, which definitely helped with my love of the public spotlight.

As a college student, it is evident that there are still many things I must learn before I can step out into the work force with my degree.  I need to learn how to be an accurate and unbiased reporter in the journalism field in order to not cause conflicts with the public or the company I am working under.  Utilizing different forms of media is also key since journalism is evolving.  And since I am anticipating to double major in politics, I need to understand the similarities and differences of both parties.  I am a self-proclaimed liberal democrat, but I am willing to look at the other side.  It is extremely difficult to eliminate bias, but in order to succeed, I know I need to.

The convergence of media is a main reason why I am so interested in broadcast journalism rather than print.  Everything news is going digital or being transmitted through airwaves.  I do not believe journalism is dying; it is simply evolving.  And through the Park school, I can say with assurance that I will be able to succeed in my desired field of work.