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My name is Gabi Bennett. I love film and creative writing, two things that have lead me to my dream of becoming a Screenwriter.

The philosophy that humans are addicted to narrative explains so much about the future of communications. The fact that we as humans are obsessed with the story of our lives is very prevalent in modern media. We can see this with our addiction to Facebook and how our photo albums and walls give us a timeline of what we have done everyday of our lives. A prediction is that by the year 2020, this addiction will transcend so far that almost everyone worldwide will have a smartphone. Everyone will want to have the power to connect with friends, share their life story and become one with media. Unfortunately; however, this provides some setbacks. No longer will things like Facebook, Tumblr, or even Google be free to use, because as demand increases, so will cost. This shift to a completely media and technology run life has the potential of making the world seem much smaller. We as humans will no longer feel the need to explore new places or meet new people, because we will have that need taken care of by one little mobile device.



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