Giulia Dwight

Hello and welcome to my ePortfolio! I am a Communications Management and Design major and I'm planning to minor in either Vocal Performance or Integrated Marketing Communications. I'm expecting to graduate in spring 2015.

My dream is to become an event planner. I love how fast-paced, engaging and cretive this career is. Nothing is as exciting as the process of planning an ball, a conference or even a travel. I find every step of the precess, even the most simple, as important as the others and I work as hard as I can to make the final result the best it can be. Nothing is as satisfying as seen the result of my hard work when organizing an event.

I see in event planning the possibilty for networking and creating something new. I understand how important it is in these cases to be able to create an environment that allows people to communicate. I do also realize how communications are becoming more virtual day by day but I also believe that having the possibility to communicate with someone in person gives more clarity to the discussion, creates a more comfortable environment and allows people to understand better how to behave in different situations. Attending the s'Park classes I have become more open to searching for a career outside of the United States after seeing the impact of globalization on the world of communications. It is interesting to see how messages have to be adapted depending on the culture in order to appeal to the audience, and how media, for example images, is easily manipulated in order to give the message we prefer. It's also incredible how much the internet has become a place to read the news but also for amateurs to write what they think discuss with anyone who is interested. John Korn has shown me how important it is to find financial support for independent projects and how to find it in interested companies. Although thanks to the internet and other media communications are improving there is a great privacy risk that one takes as soon as he decides to join the business and this is something someone should always be aware of during their career.

I know that by taking advantage of every possibility the Park School of Communications and by studying and contribuiting to the society I can be ready for the changes in the communications processes and be useful in the planning sectors of an organization. After this brief introduction I invite you to take a look at the rest of my profile.