A picture of Gabrielle Fister near the water


After taking several media production and art classes in high school, I developed an interest in film and photography. I took A.P. Art in my junior and senior year of high school. Having such a short amount of time to create so many works, I began making photographs because I could make them in a shorter amount of time than paintings and drawings. This is when I realized how interested I was in photography. I would find myself editing picture after picture, just for my own enjoyment. I have shot some of my friends senior portraits, a wedding, and other events including high school sports games. In high school I was the class historian which gave me the responsibility to document senior year with photo's and videos. I attended almost every event with a camera in hand. At the end of the year, I created the senior video which was all of these videos and photos put together on a DVD and then distributed to the class. Out of all of my experiences so far, I enjoyed photography most which is why I would love to start my own photography business in the future.Right now, I am majoring in Film, Photo, and Visual Arts at Ithaca College. At the moment I am mostly interested in photography, but I plan on taking a cinema production class next semester that would probably re-spark my interest in video production. 


After watching a presentation about photography in one of my classes, I have learned that photography is a great way to reach people. Photography is everywhere you look and it can influence anyone the moment they see it. This is another reason why photography is so interesting to me. Another thing I have learned is that the growth of media is increasing very rapidly. There is a massive amount of people using social media, Facebook alone having more than 800 million active users. That being said, Facebook is a great way for any business to advertise. Since I plan on beginning my own photography business, Facebook would be a great way to advertise my business to a specific target audience. I have also learned that internships are a great way to start a career. Many professionals began with internships and I would also like to be a part of an internship. I would love to intern at a photography business, but my dream internship is to be an intern for Late Night With Jimmy Fallon which would allow me to learn how to develop, produce, and market entertainment. I've learned that this field can be very competitive and you can not give up when you are trying to make something of yourself in this field. You have to be brave, take risks, and work hard.