Welcome to my e-portfolio Page! My name is Gideon Inkeles and I am in the Ithaca college class of 2016. I am an aspiring sports brodcaster and currently I am a journalism major. Being a sports journalist ever since I began playing sports. When I realized I was to small to play any sport professionally I figured the next best thing do be was someone who talked about sports for a living. This is a dream that I will continue to persue.

The road to becoming what I have for so long dreamed about will not be easy but I am up for the challenge. I am an open book and excited to learn the finer points of broadcasting and the field of journalism as a whole. Everything in this field is new to me so everyday is exciting because I am able to learn something new. This field is so interesting to me because of the opportunities it gives to the people who pursue this as a profession. I am very excited about my next four years in the Park school and for the things I am about to learn. I hope to make this dream I once had a reality.

Thank you very Much and please and enjoy my e-portfolio.