photo by Emilia Rush


As a filmmaker, for everything I experience, create, and discover, I see, hear, and evaluate every part of it. The art and business of communications is a fundamental element of human nature and much of the reason the 21st century looks the way it does.

Where film gets interesting is that despite being an art form itself, it takes from other areas of interest to create a well-rounded compilation. A director can create a beautiful film that explores something totally unrelated to film itself. This is my favorite part because the filmmaker can bring in outside knowledge and experiences to form the masterpiece. As a filmmaker, I can use my wide knowledge in world studies, history, philosophy, and much more to create intellectually stimulating movies.

I have created several short films and spent years studying the composition of shots, photography, and storytelling. I plan to further my experience through internships and creating my own films. In the future, I hope to be a movie director, but not in the classic Hollywood way. Not someone who takes direction from producers and writers, who can only put in a little of their own creativity, but an independent filmmaker who truly creates films.

Through the s’Park: Igniting Your Future in Communications course, I have learned how the media is different all around the world. Companies must adapt what they say to communicate the same thing to different cultures. Just as different cultures around the world see the media differently, people of different ages and different generations have to adapt to the ever-changing world of communications. Social networking is becoming the most important resource for media research and in s’Park; I have learned how that will only increase in the coming years. As professionals in the field of communications, it is our duty to create appealing and significant media for world consumption.