Honest Charley Bodkin is a professional web and interface designer majoring in television and radio at Ithaca College in Ithaca, New York. 

As a student of communications, he has applied experience in storytelling, filmmaking, animation, and motion graphics. Since January 2014, he has served as Creative Director for The Studio, helping to found and brand a new co-curricular student film company at Ithaca College. 

As a freelance professional designer he has a portfolio consisting of branding/promotional materials, print designs, animations, and websites. In his accompanying web developer role, he has implemented content management systems for commercial sites and built node.js web applications.

He has applied his knowledge of coding to the field of journalism. As Webmaster for both his college and high school newspapers, he has received numerous awards for journalism. He designed WordPress and Drupal websites, developing themes, widgets, and plugins to meet the individual needs of news websites. He has told stories through interactive media, designed narratives, and data driven news articles. Using his knowledge of MySQL databases, he has transformed the workflows of journalistic investigations.

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