As a TV-R major, my dream is to one-day work for a large sports network such as ESPN as a broadcaster or analyst. I have been a sports fan since age seven, and as I’ve gotten older, my love for sports has only grown. As I began deciding on what I would like to major in when I was starting to consider college, I greatly considered my love for sports and ESPN. In addition, I had a great love for writing and I had always loved television, so I could not think of anything better for myself than broadcasting. While in the Park School, I intend to learn the skills needed to accomplish this aspiration as well as learn the ways of communications. I find the field of communications to be extremely intriguing and I am interested in learning as many aspects as possible. 

            In the current day and age, it is difficult to imagine where technology will take us in the future. Advancements seem to occur daily within companies such as Apple with iPhones and iPods, and other companies have even begun using robots to perform these tasks. Personally, I believe one of the main challenges of the future will be the competition for jobs against technology, making the communications field even more competitive. In order to work against this obstacle, I plan to work really hard in order to be prepared for the future. In addition, I plan to take two or three internships while in school in order to find out how television and radio work in the world as well as make a good impression for a possible position in the future.

            Social media, online news, cell phones, and all other forms of technology are taking over the world, and that doesn’t seem to be changing anytime soon. As a TV-R major, I always hoped that I could count on writing if I did not want to be on camera or behind the scenes anymore because I truly enjoy writing. But with everyone in America gravitating to the bigger and better technology, will there even be print journalism accessible to the public any longer? I believe eventually we will no longer have print journalism and all articles will be posted on the Internet on the companies’ website. To work with the swing of society, I decided to take a web development class in order to give myself some experience through web design. In this class, I hope to learn how to create websites and how to post them on the Internet.

            As a sports fan, I know how important it is to capture the biggest plays on camera and with digital media rising in popularity due to technology, the need for graphics and pictures seems to increase in popularity daily. I plan to take multiple classes in photography in order to explore my abilities. In this way, I will be able to learn to take pictures that capture more than the average picture, discover something people were unaware of, and learn to edit pictures to make them stand out. Through programs such as Final Cut Pro and Photoshop, I hope to advance my skills and create the most captivating graphics possible for any task thrown my way at a future job or internship.

            With business being an important aspect of communications, it is no wonder that communications has expanded outside of the United States to countries all around the world. With such a large amount of production occurring in these East Asian countries, it is very common to have technology produced there as well. As a result, there is a large language barrier between businesses in other countries and the US. In order to address this challenge, I hope to take a few courses in Chinese in order to form a background in the language. In addition, I am also considering a minor in Spanish in order to have a better understanding of the language and the culture. It could also be useful in any field, especially due to the high amount of immigration that is occurring.

            When speaking to the class, Jill Kirtland expressed the importance of marketing yourself, your ability, and your creativity in order to succeed in the communications world. To find my creativity and abilities, I have tried many new things at school to find what I am good at. I have worked on a television show, taken pictures for the newspaper, and written for the newspaper so far this year and it is only my freshmen year of college. I hope to try as many things as possible in order to find what I excel at and what allows me to be the most creative.

            Even though some aspects are challenging, I am looking forward to diving deeper into the field of communications in order to reach my future goals of being a sports broadcaster.