Harris in College


Ever since I was little my Grandma told me that I was going to be a writer. Maybe this is due to me having such an amazing imagination or my dad being in the film industry. These two factors shaped who I am and who I’m going to be. 


As I grew up my imagination did not go away instead I was beginning to put it on paper. I was writing stories and making short films for class. When I reached highschool I took a film production class where I found out that film is what I wanted to do with my life. Since my dad is an actor he got me internships on film sets and was networking me at a young age. 


Then I came to Ithaca college to expand my knowledge on the television and film industries. My major is Television and Radio with a concentration in scriptwriting. I’m taking classes that are helping me learn and prepare me for the industry. Not only are there classes but there are also many film projects that can always use a hand. It is a great experience for me to work on a set and Ithaca students always have projects that you can help out on.


My dream job would be creating my own hit show and possible directing it. But what I have to know is that the show is not only distributed in the United States but possible all over the world. That my audience just like most shows reach a wide number of countries. Also I have to be clear about what the show says since there are different interpretations for words in different countries. As a creator of a show I would want my show to be on the for five seasons or 100 episodes because then I would have hit syndication which allows me to sell the show and never worry about paying anyone again since the show is making more then enough money. This is my dream job.


What I’m leaving with from Ithaca is not only a great education but a great number of people that have been where I am and can help me on my journey. People who provide internships to fellow Ithacans. Networking is very important and here at Ithaca we have such a strong network. 


I hopefully after college can make my way through connections and internships on to Saturday Night Live. A great thing about SNL is that it is not only on television, it can be watched on the web by using programs as Hulu or any other video website. Also there are all other media devices that allow shows to be watched from anywhere like lab-tops, phones and Ipods. That is my dream job and through the things that I learned from Ithaca I am sure that I can reach my dream. Ithaca has taught me the traits that I will need to be successful in my field.