A picture of myself

About Me

I'm Haley Kittel, a Cinema and Photography student with a concentration in Cinema Production and a minor in English. I am currently attending my second year at Ithaca College Park School of Communications. In my first year I worked in my classes to learn as much about film making and theory as I could and held a training position with ICTV's master control. In the past two years, I have worked on various student films and a television show and filled the roles of producer, director, assistant director, second camera assistant, production assistant, location scout, set decorator, and make-up artist. I have also tried my hand at screenwriting and computer science. Combining my computer science lessons with my production experience I hope to work animating films. The Spring 2014 semester I will be taking both Advanced Screenwriting, Advanced Cinema Production: Animation, Hollywood and the American Cinema and two 300-level English courses. 

Contact info 

email: hkittel1@ithaca.edu