My senior portrait.

Hi, I'm Hannah! I'm an Psychology major with a double minor in Theatre and Deaf Studies at IC. I come from a town in Connecticut that is smaller than the undergraduate population at this school. So although IC is not considered a big school, it seems big to me! I'm a Christian and I'm really involved with the Protestant Community here at IC.   I love anything to do with the theater, especially singing and acting.

I have made Dean's List for all four of my semesters so far with an overall GPA of 3.89.

In the Fall of 2012, I was accepted into the Ithaca College Oracle Honor Society, an honor society on campus that recognizes the top scholars in our respective schools.  It was a great honor to be accepted into this and I look forward to continuing to work hard and reach higher goals.

I also was accepted into the National Residence Hall Honorary which is an organization on campus for the top 1% of academic scholars and leaders in the Residence Halls. We have meetings bi-weekly and discuss what we can do to help better our school. I was also nominated and then elected to the Executive Board of NRHH for the position of Secretary. I served in this position for the 2012-2013 academic year. Currently I am the President of NRHH. It is a lot of responsibility, but I really enjoy it.

As I said before, I am involved with the Protestant Community here on campus. I joined the Protestant Community Council where I served as the chairperson of the Fellowship/Outreach Committee for the 2012-2013 Academic Year. Currently I am a member of the Outreach Committee. We have weekly executive Council meetings, monthly all Council meetings, and bi-weekly committee meetings. We work towards bettering the Protestant Community on campus, specifically having fun events where friendships can grow in a safe environment and reaching out to the campus community and Ithaca as a whole.

And another group I am a part of is Hand of Praise. This is a group on campus where we practice American Sign Language to Christian worship music. We have practices once a week and then we go to different churches throughout the semester and perform for them. I love being able integrate my love for ASL with my faith. This year I am teaching the beginner class known as Expression of Grace.  I teach the basic signs and some of our easier songs to those who are interested in joining club.  We meet weekly to practice and after one semester they become full-fledged members of Hands of Praise.

Finally, I am a certified puppy-sitter for Guiding Eyes for the Blind @ IC. This organization raises puppies to be trained as guide dogs. People on our campus raise the dogs, bringing them everywhere and teaching them good behavior. Then the puppies go back to the organization for more advanced guide dog training. My job will be to care for any puppy whose raiser has to go away and can't bring them. This could be anywhere from a few hours to a few days. I am very excited about this because I love puppies and this is a great organization that really helps make a difference in people's lives all across the nation. This year I am serving on the executive board of GEB @ IC as the Sitter Liason.  In this position I deal with issues that any sitter may have and bring them to the executive board in professional and respectful manner.  I also provide a sitter perspective for any people interested in joining the club and becoming a sitter.

And that about sums me up! Thanks for reading!