Hello all! My name is Haley Stearns and I am a Film, Photography, and Visual Arts major. This area of work has always been very important to me. Ever since discovering my passion for the visual arts during my Sophomore year in high school, I have made it my number one priority to pursue it in every way that I can. Currently, I am focusing on getting involved in this field as thoroughly as possible so as to create a bright and promising future for myself!

Although I have only been attending classes here for a month, I feel as though I have been fully integrated into the community. The Spark class has helped me to fully understand the opportunities that await here at Ithaca College. By listening to amazing speakers and alumni from Ithaca College, I have become entirely more confident in knowing that there is a place for me in the communications field upon graduation. Speaker David Muir, an ABC News anchor, has inspired me to pursue any career possible.  Listening to Bill D'Elia's story persuaded me to keep my options open and allow the communications field to take me in many different directions. I think that listening to his take on success and getting where you "want" to go has been very important for me, as a student, to hear about. Learning about the impact that social media has on society today has encouraged me to not be afraid to use technology and social media to it's full extent in order to get ahead in this industry. This will help me use all of the tools at my disposal to be successful. Understanding that the content of entertainment is perceived differently throughout different cultures of the world is something that I have found very fascinating. I think that it was a fantastic point to display to us the impact that different backgrounds have upon the entertainment and communications industry, and how knowing the differences between cultures can help to broaden the range of entertainment possibilities. Hearing Jeremy Levine's story helped me to realize that having the ability to practice hands on experience starting freshman year in college will help to transform me from a student to a professional in a shorter amount of time. His story of persistence and experience to make his film a success taught me to pursue all of the dreams that I have in order to find success.

All in all, Spark has given me the confidence to pursue every dream that I have. It's also helped to open my range of interests in a way that will provide me with even more opportunities in the future. It has made me understand that despite the numerous opportunities that await me, it is up to me to make my dreams come true. I am absolutely thrilled to know that the Park school will help shape my desires into successes, my dreams to reality.