Haley Thorpe

Welcome to my ePortfolio! I currently attend Ithaca College class of 2015 in the Cinema and Photography major in the Roy H. Park School of Communications, with a concentration in Photography. I have also declared an English minor this year, in the hopes of traveling to London for our London program to study Shakespeare and other literature. I previously went to Kinnelon High School in New Jersey. 

I love to take pictures, watch movies, listen to music and read. I love all forms of media and the idea that I can share my ideas and interests with others all over the world. Someday I hope to work for a magazine, newspaper, or studio. My biggest goal is to work for a magazine like National Geographic. By the end of my four years here I can both increase and improve my skills in communications and photography and be prepared for a successful career. You can check out my galleries of my high school photography and my resume under the documents tab to see what I've been up to in my first years of college!

I am a member of the Circle K Club here at Ithaca and have already volunteered many hours of community service for the town, I work on campus, and I take part in many school activities. I submitted three of my photos to the "Faces of Our Time" portrait gallery hosted by Jari Poulin, a local photographer in Ithaca. The photos were exhibited for about a month, including opening night where I sold one of my photos to a local artist. In the future I plan to submit more of my photographs to galleries and exhibits such as this one. I also participate in a club called IC I Capture, which is a photo club that I use to improve my skills outside of the classroom. 

This summer of 2012 I began an entrepreneurial business called Haley Thorpe Photography. I took head shots for clients in the local area of Kinnelon, New Jersey. I created my own source for advertisement, set up a pricing system, and took the photos as well as edited them. This solo pursuit to expand my experience with commercial and portrait photography made my summer a successful one! 

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